2018 Tournament Rules

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General Rules and Play Overview:

    • The USA Hockey Official Rules will be in effect for all tournament games. All coaches/managers are responsible for reviewing the USA Hockey Official Rules in advance of the tournament.  This includes NO SLAPSHOTS for Squirt/Atom, No Touch-up offsides and no body checking at any age level.  Also, new this year per USA Hockey rules is a team short-handed will not be allowed to ice the puck at any level.  Icing when short-handed will result in a face-off in the offensive zone similar to any icing when even strength.
    • Official Roster due no later than 9/24/2018
    • Each participating team must be officially registered with USA Hockey or the Canadian Hockey Association.
    • All teams must provide a USA Hockey or Canadian Hockey Association stamped roster.
    • All team coaches and/or managers are required to sign each score sheet before every game which will be located at the tournament host table or headquarters depending on the rink.
    • Each team must provide a contact person and cell phone number for contact during the tournament.
    • The Rochester Ice Center, Paul Louis Arena and Bill Grays Ice Arena will post locker room assignments on the schedule board located in the main lobby to the left as you enter the building. Team Managers must obtain locker room keys from the Iceplex guest service desk located in the main lobby. Keys must be returned after the locker rooms have been cleaned and cleared out, no later than 30 minutes after the end of the game.
    • Teams will be responsible for any damages or littering to locker rooms and any other arena facilities. Please report any apparent damage directly to PLA, RIC or BGRI personnel.
    • Do not allow players to enter the ice surface until the Zamboni doors are closed. NO Exceptions.
    • Teams must have two sets of game jerseys. The team listed as “Home” team shall wear its light colored jerseys. Teams listed as “Away/Visitor” team shall wear their dark colored jerseys. In the event of a color conflict or dispute, the Tournament Director reserves the right to make the final decision.
  • All games will be officiated by officials registered with USA Hockey and NIHOA / RIHOA.
  • Referees shall judge all goals from the ice.
  • Only players in uniform and team officials (up to a maximum of 4) shall be permitted to occupy the player’s bench area during a game.
  • Arena personnel will resurface the ice only after the conclusion of each game.
  • All games will consist of three stop-time periods (12-12-15 for ’09, 12-15-15 for ’08 & 15-15-15 for ’06).
  • Teams must be ready to begin play 15 minutes prior to the scheduled start time. Delays in the first face-off shall be subtracted from the time of the first period, and a Delay of Game penalty may be assessed to the team causing the delay.
  • Game time commences with a 3-minute warm-up, starting when the Zamboni doors close. The timekeeper shall commence the end of the warm-up period by sounding the buzzer. Teams not ready will forfeit their warm-up time.
  • ONE 30 second time out per team will be permitted in each game.
  • NO Overtime will be played in any preliminary round games. If the score is tied at the conclusion of any preliminary round game, then the game will end in a tie, and each team will be awarded 1 point towards the tournament standings.
  • MERCY RULE: The mercy rule shall be in effect for all tournament games. If at the start of the 3rd period or at any time during the 3rd period, either team is ahead by 6 goals or more, the clock will commence with running time, and revert back to stop time only if the goal differential is reduced to 3 goals or less.
  • There will be NO CURFEW in effect for any tournament games.


  • All tournament rules will be interpreted in a manner consistent with the objectives of the Tournament; namely safety, fairness and the enjoyment of the players.
    •Any decision by the tournament director or committee, whether specifically addressed by these rules or not, shall be binding upon all tournament participants.
    •The Tournament Director shall have the authority, and reserves the right to make modifications to any of the rules when it is considered fair and appropriate to do so.
    •Any decision by the Tournament Director and/or committee shall be final.


This is a USA Hockey sanctioned tournament. All USA Hockey Rules shall apply.
•Minor penalties will be assessed at 2:00 minutes each for Pee Wee games and 1:30 each for Atom/Squirt games. Major penalties will be assessed at five (5) minutes each. Misconduct and game misconduct penalties will be assessed at ten (10) minutes each.
•According to USA Hockey rules, a player receiving five (5) minor penalties in a game would result in a player receiving a game misconduct and automatic suspension from his team’s subsequent game.
•Game Misconduct penalties will result in a one-game suspension. Warranted or not, all referee decisions to issue Game Misconduct penalties are final and will not be overturned.
•Match Penalties and Gross Misconduct will result in expulsion from the tournament.

Preliminary Round Qualifying and Tiebreakers:
• Teams earn (2) pts for a win, (1) for a tie in all preliminary round games.
• Pool Standings & tie-breakers (in order):
o Points earned.
o Head to head result (if applicable when two teams are tied)
o Wins (in your pool, excludes cross over game for teams in Pee Wee Divisions)
o Highest goal ratio or percentage in games within pool games. (GF/GF+GA).
o Least total goals allowed in pool play
o Most total goals scored in pool play
o Fewest penalty minutes; preliminary-round total.
o Coin Toss

Playoff Games:

Same rules as preliminary games, expect they cannot end in a tie.  Games that end in a tie after the end of regulation time will commence following a 1 minute rest period as follows:

1 -.Four (4) vs. Four (4) sudden victory overtime period will be played for ten (10) minutes. Each team will defend the same goal as they did during the 3rd period.
2 -In the event a tie remains after the 10-minute sudden victory overtime period, a three (3) player shootout will determine the winner. Coaches from each team must submit – prior to the start of each game – an ordered shootout lineup of the 3 players that will participate in the shootout.
3 – In the event a tie remains after the 3 player shootout, a sudden victory shootout will determine the winner. NO player shall shoot twice until such time as all rostered players (excluding goalies) have participated in the shootout.  ANY PLAYER WHO ENDS OVERTIME IN THE PENALTY BOX IS UNAVAILABLE IN THE SHOOTOUT.  IF PLAYER WAS PRE-SELECTED FOR SHOOTOUT, THE COACH MUST CHOOSE A SUBSTITUTE.

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